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The Sun has not set yet…

“None can destroy iron but its own rust can! Likewise none can destroy a person but its own mindset can.” – Ratan Naval Tata

Today we have come to X place to know about the person who often skips himself from the limelight of the world. A true admirer of Mr. Ratan Tata, this man also believes in “Simple leaving and high thinking.” He has just seen the light of success with his small yet very promising venture. So, everyone please say ‘Hi’ to Mr. Maynak Roy.

Talking about his early days, he comes from a small town of West Bengal and belongs to a typical middleclass Bengali family. He completed his MBA and started job in financial sector. He had a very rough carrier till his early 30’s because of his fluctuating and unpredictable behavior and decisions. But the 2020 pandemic gave him a great opportunity to sit back and thought about himself as well as about his career. He works really hard to polish himself and the idea of initiating his startup. Firstly, he started with investing in share market and from there on almost after 6 years he is walking through a path of his dreams. Now he has started investing money in people’s dream. He is also very popular among the readers by his inspirational blogs which speaks about his experiences in life.

His hard work and determination helped him achieve what he is now in such a short period of time. “My goal is to stay beside as many as Maynak’s in the world”, he chuckled. It will be very wrong if I would not mention about secret social welfare side of him who helps many NGO’s as well. It was a great pleasure for me writing about this humble and eminent personality.

[It is part of Digital Deepak Internship Program.]

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