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An interview with Mr. Imran from Gadgets Review Channel

Hello friends, I am Maynak from My Digital Medium and today we have with us a well established tech youtuber Mr. Imran from Gadgets Review Channel.

Today our topic is based on an emerging concern for the whole world,  e-waste management.

Hi Imran, welcome and thank you very much for giving me your precious time for this interview.

Hello & Thank You so much for interviewing me.

Me: I would like to know what is your first electronic gadget you have used?

Imran: 🙂 My first electronic gadget if it is counted as an electronic gadget, will be a tape recorder with a radio.

Me: What is your favourite Electronic Gadget now?

Imran: 🙂 It is very difficult to choose between today’s gadgets. But I can say it is Smart Watch nowadays.

Me: Which gadget have you used for the longest time?

Imran: Let me think off…. I think most probably it will be my first mobile phone.

Me: Which gadget have you used for the shortest time?

Imran: 🙂 🙂 🙂 This I can’t tell because of my profession I am testing many devices regularly

Me: What are your views on e-waste management?

Imran: On e-waste management I can say it is a very good thing to reserve our environment for a healthy future. People should be more cautious while throwing their gadgets instead they can give it for recycling. I was also thinking of making a video on this to spread some awareness among my viewers. I am impressed that you are already on that path.

Me: How important is it for you to recycle a gadget?

Imran: In my opinion it is quite important to recycle your used gadgets as it can harm you back.

Me: Have you ever given any of your gadgets for recycling?

Imran: Yes offcourse! I have given two of my earlier smart phones for recycling.

Thank you once again for taking my questions. I hope you enjoyed this as I have.
Yes Yes, I have thoroughly enjoyed this.

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